Privacy Policy

Debt Blocker Privacy Policy

Debt blocker is a voluntary list where people can indicate to lending companies that they don’t want to be given credit.  

When you sign-up, your name and DOB go onto a secure list, that can be searched by lenders only if you apply for credit.  This search will only give a “Yes” or “No” whether a person is on the list.

Debt Blocker Ltd. is a New Zealand company that exists solely to manage the database, and does not provide credit or financial services or advice to anyone.  Profits from the company will be given back to the community to help people avoid unsustainable debt.

What information is held by Debt Blocker?

Only your full name, date of birth, and the town you live in are recorded.  We ask for the your town in case there is someone with exactly the same name and date of birth as you.

You will not be asked why you signed up, anything about your financial record, or for any other personal information.

Who can access my information?

Only Registered Lending Companies can search Debt Blocker as part of a credit application for a fee, and they will only get a Yes or No response.  

They must ask permission from you to search Debt Blocker (and other sources) to see if you will be likely to pay back the loan without suffering substantial financial hardship.

A lender must, in relation to an agreement with a borrower, make reasonable inquiries, before entering into the agreement, so as to be satisfied that it is likely that the borrower will make the payments under the agreement without suffering substantial hardship (s9C(3)(a)(ii) of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003).

They may not tell anyone else that you are on Debt Blocker.

We will never release information to a third party unless you want us to.

How do I come off Debt Blocker?

You may ask to come off Debt Blocker at any time by completing a form or through a registered social services agency and then there is be a stand-down period of 30 days.  

After this time your record will be permanently deleted from Debt Blocker.  If you want to sign up again, you will have to do a new sign up.

How secure is my information?

Your information will be held with a high level of security.  Any hard copies of forms will be destroyed.

No organisation or individual can access the list of people on the Debt Blocker list.

What if I want to know if I am on Debt Blocker?

To protect people on the Debt Blocker database, you will need to provide evidence of your identity.  Please contact us at the address below.

For any other questions, or more information please visit our website or contact us:

Debt Blocker, PO Box 5220, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058