Here are some FAQ, if you have any other questions or feedback we are keen to hear from you.

Common Questions:

Who can help me sign-up?

There are many social services who can help you sign-up online.

Click here to find a social service near you.

Otherwise you can print out a form and and have it witnessed by a Justice of the Peace (JP) to confirm your identity.

Click here to find a JP near you.

How do I come off Debt Blocker?

You can complete a form online at a registered social service or print out a form and have it witnessed by a JP. After a stand-down period of 30 days your record will be permanently deleted from Debt Blocker. If you want to sign up again, you will have to do a new sign up.

How can I sign up someone else?

You cannot sign up anyone else as they will need to provide proof of identity.

I am on Debt Blocker and a lending company has given me credit?

Debt Blocker has no legal powers to prevent a company from lending to someone on Debt Blocker. They do so at their own risk and may be liable for prosecution under the Responsible Lending Code.

Steps you can take:

  1. Contact the company and explain that you are on Debt Blocker and they shouldn’t have provided you credit.
  2. Contact the company’s financial dispute resolution scheme. Every lending company must have one. Search here
  3. Contact the Commerce Commission who can advise you on your rights, and can investigate your case and take enforcement action.
  4. You can also contact us and we will discuss your situation with you

What other help is available?

There are many sources of support and budgeting services throughout the country

  • Financial Capability Trust

    Useful information and a database of financial mentors and budgeting services.

  • Sorted website

    Useful information, tools and resources to help you get control of your finances.

  • Community Law

    Free legal help throughout New Zealand.

  • Commerce Commission

    Information about your rights when borrowing, and your options for dealing with problems or financial hardship.

  • Family Service Directory

    A database of social service near you to help with addictions, budgeting, mental health issues, legal and other social issues.

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