Taking Control of Debt.

Personal debt can easily become a huge problem.

Debt can be a source of stress for many people and their families.  

Worrying about money can strain relationships, lead to violence, substance abuse, and lead to mental illness.  People may also be tempted to gamble or turn to crime to pay back debt.

Debt blocker is a way that people can tell all companies in New Zealand that they don’t want to be given credit.

They go onto a secure list, that can be searched by a lender if they apply for credit.  No other people can search the lsit for any other reason.

This will be useful for people:

It is voluntary to join Debt Blocker and it is free.

Lending companies pay a small fee to search the list as part of a credit application, and profits from Debt Blocker will go back into the community to help people learn how to avoid debt.

Debt Blocker is a social enterprise and profits will go into the community.



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